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The Mission/Purpose of STEM Press

STEM Press exists to extend God’s glory by publishing and distributing mission materials and resources that equip, support, and improve U.S. churches’ short-term mission trip efforts.

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Gary Dolan
RiverTree Christian Church — Massillon, Ohio

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Jenny Noyes — Executive Director
New Wineskins Missionary Network

About STEM Int’l (Short-Term Evangelical Missions International)

Rev. Roger Peterson

Founder / CEO

STEM Int’l incorporated December 1984 as a Minnesota 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian missions ministry. STEM relocated to Florida in 2013.

STEM Int’l was organized into three program divisions: 

1. STEM Ministries (including STEM Share) — the short-term missions trip and outreach sending divisions. Between 1985 and 2013, STEM Ministries trained and sent out more than 8,000 short-term missionaries into more than a dozen nations in the Caribbean, Central & South America, and the 10/40 Window. We estimate that 15,000 people became Christ-followers as a result! In 2009 the Lord spoke clearly to us, saying “That’s it!” — so our STEM Ministries/STEM Share programs wound down during the next 4 years; we ceased sending short-term mission trips in 2013. 

(an interactive listing of all STEM-sent teams from 1985-2013 is available on the original archived STEM website)

2. STEM Training — training churches and other sending entities to achieve maximum impact in their short-term mission programs through industry-leading training events and consulting and speaking services from the mid-1990s to about 2010 — with CEO Roger Peterson periodically available on a public speaking basis.

3. STEM Press — the missions publishing division of STEM Int’l. STEM Press began somewhat “accidentally” in 1991, when STEM Founder/CEO Roger Peterson co-authored and published a solid, empirical 40-page research study on the post-field outcomes of 366 previous STEM short-term missionaries. This study (still in print) has sold several thousand copies. Is Short-Term Mission Really Worth the Time and Money? reported statistically significant changes in prayer, financial giving, commitment to world mission, mission-related activities and education, and in feelings about returning to the mission field.


STEM Int’l maintains our registered office in Minneapolis MN and our publications/administrative/shipping office near Orlando FL.


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