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Why Not Women?

Subtitle: A Fresh Look at Scripture on Women in Missions, Ministry, and Leadership

Author(s): Loren Cunningham and David J. Hamilton

STEM Press Number: YP003

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Publisher: YWAM Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-57658-183-4

Description: Millions of women all over the world are looking over the church's shoulder, longing to see the freedom Jesus purchased for them at Calvary. Millions more have found freedom in Jesus but are still bound by human ideas — ideas that pressure a woman to let culture, not God, determine her place in the Kingdom.

We must respond. The issue of women in missions, ministry, and leadership is dividing homes, churches, communities, even societies. We must respond responsibly, for we never want to find ourselves working against God's purposes, quenching His Spirit at work in the lives of those He has called. We must respond carefully, since God's truth often stands in direct opposition to what the majority of people believe.

Why Not Women? — this power-packed 277-page paperback includes:
• an examination of the fruit of women in public ministry
• an exploration of the value & roles of women in Greek and Roman history and literature, Jewish rabbinic literature, the early church, current cultures and the church today
• a detailed study of women in Scripture
• historical and current global perspectives
• a hard-hitting revelation of what's at stake for women, men, the Body of Christ, God's Kingdom, and the unreached.

Enjoy historical as well as current global perspectives, and a detailed study of women in Old Testament writings, Jesus' ministry, and Paul's letters.

Not only is this a wonderful read for women — but a must-read for men.

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