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GO Prepared DVD GOLD PACK (entire “GO Prepared” ‘Essentials’ & ‘Skills’)

Subtitle: BOTH the GO Prepared ‘Essentials’ AND the all-6 ‘Skills’ Set on DVD

STEM Press Number: TV01-Pckg

Shipped From: This item will be shipped by Teams Commissioned for Christ from Orlando FL within 3 business days.

Description: Get it ALL for one great price! Get the entire GO Prepared ‘Essentials’ AND the entire 6 ‘Skills’ set! — everything on DVD. This is a MUST-have for your church mission training department … you will use sections from this great collection over and over again for years to come. It’s well worth the price to have all this great STM preparation and training material in one superbly produce video package!

Never before has short-term missions training of this caliber been available on DVD video. It’s unprecedented. An absolute must for seasoned short-term missionaries or rookies. GO Prepared is the most comprehensive, practical, easy to understand and enjoyable short-term mission training video series available.

• High quality productions. Volunteers love watching — and learning!
• Dynamic music. Moving. Heart-warming.
• Powerful testimonials. Training on site.
• Field-tested. Proven effective.
• Expert mission leaders. Veteran volunteers.
• Answers to many of your questions about short-term missions.

The ‘Essentials’ portion contains vibrant teachings organized as follows:
Session 1 LAYING THE FOUNDATION (35:08): Laying the Foundation, Three Flags of Authority, and Health Issues
Session 2 SPIRITUAL PREPARATION (33:49): Spiritual Preparation, Maximizing Your Spiritual Experience, and Worship
Session 3 CAPTURING THE TEAM SPIRIT (25:57): Playing Your Part, Go With The Flow, Bull’s Eye (handling conflict), and Keep It Together
Session 4 CROSS-CULTURE TRAINING (36:13): Monkey Business, Good Information Understanding, Square Heads & Round Heads, Culture Shock, and A Choice to Make
Session 5 MINISTRY WITHOUT DEPENDENCY (36:00): Five Heros of the Faith, Dependency, Dr. Muriel Elmer, and Some Don'ts for STM
Session 6 RE-ENTRY (33:55): Going Back Home, Questions About Re-Entry, and Living with a purpose

The ‘Skills’ set contains:
Topic 1 RECRUITMENT: Why Should I Go, Who Benefits, Church Leader information, excellent for recruiting other churches, ministers and church leaders to get involved in your mission trip
Topic 2 CHURCHES: It Changed My Church Forever!, how and why to involve your church, how STM can act as a motivational catalyst within your church
Topic 3 FUNDRAISING: Help, I’m not a fundraiser!, addressing our fears, Biblical basis for fundraising, practical helps and ideas
Topic 4 CONSTRUCTION: Building for eternity, dos and don’ts for construction in a foreign country, planning for supplies, equipment, and training teams for construction work
Topic 5 MEDICAL: measuring success on non-medical ways, medical tips that professionals and lay people need to know, excellent health precautions, valuable information about vaccinations, organizational tips, how to improvise in medical missions
Topic 6 EVANGELISM: DIfferent ways to share your faith in word and deed, creative ways to give your testimony, ideas for leaders to help their team members prepare, and not to worry that “you aren’t talented, dynamic, and can't be effective” with sharing your faith

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