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It Takes Courage! (the Resource Guide)

Subtitle: Promoting Character and Healthy Life Choices with Over 150 Activities, Illustrations, Stories, Quotes, & Poems

Author(s): Marcia L. Ball, Ed.D. & Jennie Cerullo, Ph.D.

STEM Press Number: ITC-001

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Publisher: Kerus Global Education

ISBN: 978-0-9752917-0-2

Description: “It Takes Courage! (the Resource Guide)” is loaded with information and activities designed to help youth build character, life skills, and the motivation and courage needed to put it all into practice in the face of peer pressures involving alcohol and drug use, violence, and early sexual involvement.

“It Takes Courage!” is a resource guide designed with the flexibility to accommodate the needs and interests of pastors, youth leaders, teachers, trainers, parents, mentors, coaches — anyone seeking to invest in the lives of youth.

This is not a curriculum to be taught lesson-by-lesson. It is a ‘toolkit’ — a collection of information and stories designed to be mixed, matched, and integrated to meet your needs. It includes instructions to help you do this with ease. It entertains, promotes discussion, and helps build relationships. With this ‘toolkit’ in hand, you will:
• be better-equipped to engage young people in critically important discussions about their lives
• build mentoring relationships
• create opportunities for youth to act with courage and character.

This 519-page notebook-sized paperback is appropriate for use in both the U.S. as well as abroad, and has already been used extensively by mission organizations, school districts, crisis pregnancy centers, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and youth leaders. It also contains a valuable CD for creating your own handouts.

“We have used this book for short-term mission teams to create talks for African classrooms. It’s been received with great delight by students and has now become our ‘go-to’ resource for use on STMs. If we are in an English-speaking setting, it is a great resource we give to our national brothers and sisters as a gift. They will use it for years.”
— Cindy Judge, STM leader, former church missions director, and STM best-selling author “Before You Pack Your Bags, Prepare Your Heart”

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