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HIV/AIDS Big Cube (Un-Assembled)

Subtitle: (16" Group Training Cube)

STEM Press Number: E3R009.U

Shipped From: This item will be shipped by e3 Resources from Franklin TN within 2 business days.

Publisher: e3 Resources

Description: At nearly 3-times the size of the 7cm HIV/AIDS-Cube, the HIV/AIDS Cube-BIG folds out to 16” tall. Perfect for training or sharing with groups.

The HIV/AIDS Cube is a clear, simple tool that presents the facts about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent the contraction and spread of HIV/AIDS. You can easily address both the contraction and spread of HIV/AIDS and ways to care for people living positively with the virus. The flip-cube uses seven colorful panels to help you clearly and simply teach people of all nationalities and eduction levels the basics of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Using the universal Language of pictures, you can share the Truth and represent the Love of Jesus Christ in a practical way that opens the door to knowing God personally.

It’s a perfect companion tool for all medical mission teams and most short-term mission teams. Be sure and take extra smaller 7cm individual Cubes with your mission team, which can be left behind after your team returns home, allowing national people to continue sharing God’s Truth and Love.

The Cube’s pictures and stories unfold into these panels:

1. What is HIV?
2. How is HIV Spread?
3. How is HIV Not Spread?
4. Get Tested!
5. Protect Yourself and Others from HIV
6. What to do if You Test Positive for HIV?
7. Encourage, Empower, and Embrace Those with HIV

“It’s an incredible teaching tool! ... Pick up some of those and use them when you take your mission teams on the road and when you doing ministry in your local area. It’s a great way to teach people.” -- Saddleback Pastor and Author, Rick Warren

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